Real solutions to real problems with artificial intelligence.

Sodec Technologies is a company with digitalization at its core focus, which provides solutions with a sector-independent project through approach artificial intelligence technologies, mainly via GSM operators and financial institutions.


What are our goals?

Maybe we can’t save the whole world, but we can do our part and contribute to ourselves and the world.


Producing the future's technologies


Protecting nature and right of privacy


Increasing the productivity

What is our perspective?

Sodec Technologies produces real solutions to real problems with artificial intelligence.

What is our quality approach?

To establish quality and friendly communication with customers. To meet customer demands as soon as possible with the best quality product and at reasonable cost. To keep honesty and trust in the foreground in trade. Aiming to meet customer needs rather than selling goods. Preferring long-term and balanced commercial relations instead of short-term and unstable commercial relations.


With our digitalization solutions, we hope to reduce paper use, protect the environment, make your work easier, and reduce your costs.


We aim to make our customers' internal processes more efficient with digitalization solutions in an era in which life is lived very fast, developments are now measured with hours, and time is perhaps the most valuable asset.


We ensure the protection of people's data with our data security measures, which is one of the biggest problems of the digital age.


What do we offer?

In today's world where digitalization has gained importance in every field of life, Sodec Technologies products;

  • Allow you to scan and digitize your documents from your location without being dependent on scanners and upload them to the system.

  • Help to protect both your company and your customers legally with KYC processes.

  • Eliminate the need for branching with self-onboarding systems and reduces the use of paper while paving the way for digitalization by transferring signature processes to digital media.

  • Allow you to protect your customers' data.



With Data Capture, you can reach more customers by scanning and uploading the right documents quickly from the platform you want.


In today’s world, as life gets faster with the increase of digitalization, it’s no longer prudent to rely on scanners to scan your documents. The ability to quickly scan from anywhere and adapt documents to the system is no longer an advantage but a necessity.

With Data Capture;

  • Scan any document anywhere you want

  • Manage and optimize document processes

  • Monitor end-to-end document process

  • Save time and reduce costs for your business with autonomous systems


Participate in the paperless office concept with our biometric and electronic signature solutions while contributing to both the world and your company.

Enjoy compatibility with verification and biometric solutions.


With Data Redaction, you can protect both your customers and your company by masking sensitive data within the scope of the GDPR.


In the age of digital communication, with the rise in data accessibility, personal data protection has become increasingly important. The laws enacted within the scope of the GDPR are a response to this and aim to protect both companies and customers.

With Data Redaction;

  • Store only relevant customer data and ensure that any and all data protected by the GDPR is masked

  • Reduce manual error risk

  • Store documents through optimizing



While digitizing documents with our Real-Time OCR technology, you can both keep up with the new era and manage your customers’ data.

Use Digital ID as an SDK or as Web API on mobile and web platforms, independent of the operating system.

With Digital ID, you can provide a fast and accessible solution for Digital Authentication and KYC processes, protecting your company and your customers from fraud.


As measures against counterfeiting, corruption, terrorist financing, and money laundering are becoming widespread, Digital Authentication is becoming an essential tool in the fight against illegal transactions in international finance. Digital Authentication helps companies protect themselves by enabling them to do business with legitimate individuals and organizations, and also protects individuals from financial crime.

With Digital ID;

  • Save considerably on costs and time by verifying your customer almost instantly from anywhere, without the need for your customer or company representative to go to a geographically different area

  • Protect your company and your customer from legal damages by preventing transactions on behalf of someone else

  • Help prevent criminal activities such as money laundering, terrorism, corruption, and fraud by using Digital ID within the scope of KYC

  • Capture your customer’s biometric data and use it as a validation tool for subsequent transactions


Branch Independent Verification

  • Employ an easy, fast, and accessible solution for customer verification.

  • Save money by reducing the need for your customer or company representative to go somewhere in order to make a transaction.



Help prevent criminal activities such as money laundering, terrorism, corruption, and fraud by using the application within the scope of KYC.

With On-Device OCR, document classification, and facial recognition features, you can reduce your internet usage costs and scan without the internet.

With Self Service, all the processes requiring signature and customer verification can be completed with self-onboarding systems. Completely eliminate the need for a physical location and save considerably on costs by opening a branch on every phone, tablet, or computer.


With Self Service;

  • Eliminate the need for branching completely

  • Provide a solution for your customers to reach you anywhere, anytime, quickly and easily

  • Obtain either an AI application center, an AI customer representative or an AI HR specialist

  • Completely digitalize by eliminating the need for paper and printed contracts

  • Protect your company and your customer from legal damages by preventing transactions on behalf of someone else



Thanks to your AI customer service representative assigned to the user at the start of the transaction, you can accurately direct the user during the process and ensure an interactive communication.

This personalized experience may reduce the distrust customers are likely to feel in the digitalized world.

Would you like to participate in our efforts to reduce paper consumption and increase afforestation?

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